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Have your ever thought about having specially made trainings, with a crew thinking about every detail regarding your performance, all made in a simple, direct, custom–made and efficient way? With our help, you can boost your sports performance and improve your results or even start a new life, with the help of physical activity, if you are still a beginner. No matter what you goal is, take a look at our services below and come with us!

We will be by your side to help in everything you need.

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The goal here is to help you to become a better athlete and person, and to make you happy. Our services are exclusives, custom-made and easy to understand, all that done with high quality and focus on what really matters: you! Below, you will find a detailed description of these services. If you need anything, feel free to contact us through the email address or phone number by the end of the page.

Gui Albernaz


With this serice, you'll have a strength and conditioning coach guiding your trainings training plans. It is very simple: we'll talk to you, understand your needs and characteristics, create the training plans and we'll be available in case you need any help. We also can control your training variables (such as load, series and repetitions) just like a personal trainer. You'll have your goals each training session and when they are completed, we'll set new goals for you. Your only job will be to train, because that we still can't do for you!


If you live in Brazil but you don't speak Portuguese very well, you probably have some problems, specially if you want to perform physical activity with good orientation. But, we are here to help you. If you live in São Paulo or Florianópolis, we can provide our Personal Trainer service 100% in English, to help you with everything you need. The basic principle here is simple: to make you physically active or to improve your sports performance, in the most safe and efficient way, using the language you feel more comfortable with. Send us a message using the form below if you want to know more!


Sports training involves team work amongst many study areas and we have partners ready to provide quality services to help you achieve the most complete results. Our partners are specialized in nutrition, psychological follow up, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. You can choose which and how many services you want and they will contact you as soon as possible with information regarding the work they can perform with you. Click HERE to know more about our partners and the services provided.


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